Den-Tech LLC is the Northwest's premier dental and medical technology integration specialists. Den-Tech has been servicing clinics and clients throughout Oregon and SW Washington since 2002. Den-Tech provides technology support, installation, and integration services, specifically designed for the medical and dental fields.

Thinking About Changing Vendors?

Are you looking to establish a new relationship to help you with your technical needs? Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your current IT vendor? If this is your situation, please click here to find out how Den-Tech can help.

     Why use Den-Tech? Here are 3 Great Reasons...

We are in your corner. We are independent and non biased when it comes to consulting on your needs. We will give you truth behind the fluff about practice management systems, digital imaging hardware from sensors to cameras and Pans to phopher plate scanners, we have a decade of experience to draw upon to help you make an informed decision.